New Year's Season in Moscow 2023

New Year's Season in Moscow 2023

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Experience the wonder and grandeur of Moscow during the Christmas and New Year season. This guide will take you through a journey of the city's most festive and lively experiences, ensuring a holiday season filled with Russian charm and splendor.

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Embrace the Festive Spirit at Moscow's Christmas Markets

As the winter chill sets in, Moscow transforms into a fairytale world adorned with sparkling lights and festive decorations. The city's heart beats at the Christmas markets spread across iconic locations like Red Square, Manezhnaya Square, Revolution Square, and Pushkinskaya Square. Stroll through these magical markets, tasting delicious blinis or pancakes, and indulge in shopping for traditional Russian souvenirs. The atmosphere is enriched with folk shows and the opportunity to engage in ancient Russian crafts​​.

Glide Over the Ice at Iconic Skating Rinks

Moscow boasts some of the most beautiful outdoor skating rinks. Skate under the stars at the Red Square Skating Rink, surrounded by the majestic Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, or visit the largest artificial ice rink in Europe at VDNKh. These rinks offer a unique blend of winter sports and cultural immersion, perfect for both beginners and seasoned skaters​​​​.

Experience a Unique Russian Christmas Tradition

Moscow's Christmas isn't just about markets and skating. The city offers a rare opportunity to witness a modern take on the classical "The Nutcracker" ballet, a quintessential Christmas experience. This production, enriched with the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and modern artistic interpretations, is a spectacle not to be missed​​.

Dive into Cultural Richness with Free Museum Visits

For a touch of history and art, take advantage of the free visits to 84 museums across Moscow. From estate museums like Kolomeskoye and Tsaritsyno to apartment-museums of famous Russian personalities, this is an unparalleled opportunity to delve into Russia's rich cultural heritage​​.

Bask in the Warmth of Traditional Russian Banyas

No winter in Moscow is complete without experiencing the traditional Russian banya. These bathhouses, like the Sanduny Baths, offer a warm retreat with saunas, massages, and various relaxation therapies. It's not just about health; it's a place for socializing and enjoying a leisurely time with friends​​.

Join the High Spirits of New Year Celebrations

Moscow's New Year celebrations are a grand affair. Be part of the jubilant crowd at Gorky Park or witness the festive activities at Hermitage Park. For an exclusive experience, consider the Ritz-Carlton Moscow, which organizes grand New Year’s Eve parties with live music, dance shows, and fine dining. The highlight is the magnificent fireworks display at Red Square, filling the sky with colors and joy​​​​.

Explore Special Events for Children

For families with children, Moscow turns into a wonderland during the "Journey into Christmas" festival. Tverskoy Boulevard becomes a "Small town of Storytellers" offering free activities like figure skating, snowboarding, and hockey. Tverskaya Square, transformed into a small Christmas town, provides engaging activities such as dressing up a Christmas tree, carousel rides, and candy cooking workshops​​.

Enjoy Fine Dining and Theater

Indulge in exquisite Christmas dinners at renowned cafes and restaurants, such as Café Pushkin, which offer a festive atmosphere with all the trimmings. The Bolshoi Theatre hosts special Christmas performances, including the iconic "Nutcracker" ballet, making it an ideal destination for a luxurious cultural evening​​.


Moscow during the Christmas and New Year season is a city brimming with life, light, and cultural richness. From its bustling Christmas markets and majestic skating rinks to the grandeur of classical performances and the warmth of traditional banyas, the city offers a plethora of experiences to make your holiday season unforgettable. Dress warmly, immerse yourself in the festivities, and create memories that will last a lifetime in the heart of Russia.


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